Kayak activist receives threats

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Nancy BrousJuly 29, 2014- The Post has an article about the ferry boat horn honking, and in it they mention that the ringleader of the kayak activism, Nancy Brous, has received threats. “Meanwhile, Brous has become the public face of the controversy, painted as a sort of reviled hall monitor who just won’t quit. She even had to file a police complaint last fall after allegedly enduring threats, harassment and intimidation. “I got a lot of hate e-mail [saying] that I deserve to be hit, verbal harassment in the water — I was afraid,” says the 46-year-old West Village resident.”.

Of note, the fact that Nancy Brous was the kayak activist responsible for forcing the Coast Guard to suddenly start enforcing the laws mandating horn blowing was a BatteryPark.TV exclusive that was then carried by New Yorker magazine and the NY Times. However, the plagiarists at the Post make no reference of those articles.

New Yorker Magazine covers our story on kayak activists

New York Times covers our story on kayak activists

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  1. jfc says:

    Instead of the boat horns, which the captains are sounding louder and longer as a form of protest, how about requiring kayakers to sound a bosun whistle every time they idiotically paddle behind one of the ferries or water taxis at a dock?

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