Klaus Schwab’s “Climate Crisis” frauds still have complete control over Twitter

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December 15, 2022- by Steven E Greer

Something truly shocking happened with my Twitter account, and that is saying a lot given all of the outrageous censorship I have suffered. I tweeted the comment above, which was a benign statement about climate-crisis hypocrisy.

If you want to blow up the entire narrative that there is a climate crisis, simply mention how planting more trees would lower CO2. It exposes how the WEF neo-communists are using climate crisis as a scam to steal farmland, take political power away from fissile fuel states, and so on.

Well, my comment got my account shut down. The embedded government actors are still controlling Twitter despite Elon Musk buying it. They called my comment about trees “hateful conduct”!

I am quite confident that some reader did not flag me a report me. Therefore, the fact that Twitter read this so quickly, within minutes of me posting it, confirms my previous story, which is that I am being censored by the government employees embedded within Twitter. I have clearly been assigned to some FBI or CIA employee to watch. 

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