Latest snowfall measurement in Lower Manhattan: 16-inches

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Snow at 16 inches car a 1-23-2016January 23, 2016 (8:00 PM)- At 3:30 PM, there were only 8-inches of snow on the ground, which surprised (and angered for some reason) many viewers. Now, five hours later, there is approximately double that amount, or 16-inches.

The storm front has stalled right over New York City. This has now become a remarkable snowstorm, but it is not a blizzard. Blizzards are defined by high winds (35-MPH sustained).

It is not merely semantics to define this as a storm rather than a blizzard. If this were a Nor’easter with high winds, drifting would make the roads much more perilous, power lines would be down more than they are now, coastal flooding would be greater, etc.

Snow at 16 inches 1-23-2016 Snow at 16 inches car 1-23-20161940

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