U.S. Senate now investigates rubber pellet turf fields

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Turf laid 1-16-2016January 22, 2016- The U.S. Senate is now weighing in on the safety of those ubiquitous rubber pellet playing fields, like the one being installed at the West Thames park. NBC reports, “Two senators have asked President Barack Obama to launch a “comprehensive” study into the potential health risks posed by “crumb rubber” turf, a surface made of recycled tires used on playgrounds and athletic fields across the country.

In a Thursday letter to Obama, Sens. Bill Nelson of Florida and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said the possibility of a link between turf and cancer warrants more scrutiny, and asked for the White House to “spearhead” a study that draws on the expertise of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Centers for Disease Control.”

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