Le Pain Quotidien torments dwellers in 2 River Terrace

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February 25, 2014- A viewer who lives in River House submitted this to us. It was filmed at 2:00 AM.

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2 Responses to Le Pain Quotidien torments dwellers in 2 River Terrace

  1. Olivia Castriota says:

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear about this frustrating experience. I have forwarded your email to our team and someone will contact you shortly. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


    Olivia Castriota
    Office Manager

    Le Pain Quotidien
    434 Broadway, 3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10013
    T: + 1 212 359 9000 x8301

  2. Christopher Garate says:

    Hello Steve,

    I am very sorry that this happened to you and apologize on behalf of Le Pain Quotidien for your unpleasant experience. I have contacted our Production facilities again and the managers overseeing our delivery team. We are now looking at all possible changes to our delivery routine so that it will not affect our neighbors. I can assure you that this will not happen again and we will make sure the drivers are aware of their surroundings at all times.

    I have also reached out to the store about the trash in the front. They will make sure to pay more attention to the trash truck schedule and be more aware of any changes. Also, contain all trash in the appropriate containers.

    We always want to be a positive part of the community and I apologize for this unpleasant experience.

    Thank you for bringing these incidents to our attention,

    Christopher Garate
    District Manager

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