Letter: BPCA is a Greek fiefdom

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I think that nobody is happy with this ongoing process within the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA). They fire people making below $50,000, but then they re-hire for the same position people with little different title but with double the salary. HR is in cahoots with them. The VP HR lady was hired under the new BPCA administration, without any qualifications,  for $138,000. She brought from her old job three more people with salaries above $80,000, without any reason to hire them.

They do not advertise the positions and think that this is their fiefdom. They think they can do anything.

Chairman Dennis Mehiel is no less guilty. A person of Greek origin, he has hired President Demetri (Greek) at a salary of $210,000. The Chief Administrative Officer (Greek), again with no qualifications for the position, was hired with a salary of $125,000. The Secretary to President Boutris is his friend’s son (Greek) with a  salary $76,000.

This is ridiculous. Where is it going to end?

Governor Cuomo, you are telling the state that it must cut the budget, but they hire down here at your BPCA people with with $100,000 salaries.

Anne Fenton, the Executive VP of Operations, has a bachelors degree in liberal arts (i.e. doesn’t know anything about administration) is drawing a salary of $145,000. She is not capable of a receptionist job.

This BPCA administration gives raises to their own people in a biased manner. They keep out the rest who would be more qualified.

This BPCA administration picks and chooses policy with no framework or perspective. The head legal lady is another example. She is not given the authority to make proper advise, and is drawing a salary of $207,000.

They should change the entire BPCA authority. This nepotism and unfairness has to go. People with administrative capabilities are being fired or forced into retirement as Demitri’s people are making ridiculous salaries without any proper experience.

Tamara (last name withheld)

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One Response to Letter: BPCA is a Greek fiefdom

  1. Been There says:

    Tamara is right. Get rid of the cronies. Over compensated by knowing the right people. It’s an old story that will continue. Ann Fenton? Ha.

    There are good people there but they don’t get promoted and then leave. System is flawed.


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