Letter: The dog poop scourge of Battery Park City

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cropped-Curb-your-dog.jpgDear Editor:

I recently moved into 380 Rector Place and I have a dog.  I walk throughout our neighborhood and I am shocked by the amount of dog waste there is on the street and on the promenade. Is there no enforcement in our neighborhood ?

I feel like we need to charge a fee to all dog owners including me (I pick up I even pick up if I see other waste by mine) for a pick up fee and have someone clean up after these lazy people. Maybe, if we start charging people they will pick up.

Can you post signs on every tree tell them to pick up?  It is just disgusting.

When the weather gets warmer it will truly be a health hazard not to mention the smell.

Please tell me if there is anything I can do as a concerned New  New Yorker resident.

Thank you.

Marian McCarthy, Esquire

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6 Responses to Letter: The dog poop scourge of Battery Park City

  1. Editor says:

    Thank you for writing in, Marian. I see that you are a lawyer. You can start by getting some legal complaints in motion. The PEP and BPCA are negligent here.

    The dog activist groups who, in my opinion, fight any reasonable enforcement are also led by lawyers. Try contacting them at BPC Dogs, led by Jeff Galloway, and the Battery Park Residents Action Corporation (BPRAC), led my Mike Devereaux .

  2. fran says:

    This has always been an problem..u r right the summer is brutal..cameras and fines would be able solution.
    Good luck. ..fran

  3. L says:

    Marian, so many agree and are as disgusted. The editor’s suggestion is great. Reality is, enforcement only marginally and intermittently helps. Why is it acceptable that dogs pee in the street at all leaving it for the city to clean up? A mental shift in consciousness has to occur. I suggest a dog version of the kitty toilet
    with a push of a button, it flushes the litter box via connections to the toilet system in the bathroom. Dogs are smart and can be trained. It is lazy people who can’t. Too crazy? I think it is an idea that is technically feasible and whose time has come.

  4. Editor says:

    To L

    I agree, the city cannot allow dogs while pretending at the same time they do not make waste. The sidewalks need to have sand strips or grates built to accept the dog waste then have it feed into the sewer.

    It is worse that the slums in Third-World countries to have hundreds of dogs a day urinating on our public streets.

  5. Karen says:

    This neighborhood likes to live in a urinal. Wait until summer.

  6. L says:

    It is tricky. In the rural areas, cats do their business outdoors. they dig, and then hide their pee and poop. In the city, There is the Kitty Toilet (flushable, attached to the plumbing system). We need to adapt the kitty toilet for the dog. The Urban dog needs to do its business at home like everyone else. Enough time and dollars spent on sanitizing the city and parks after the dogs to no avail.

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