Letter: I enjoy BatteryPark.TV

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Irish-Memorial-2.jpgHello Dr. Greer,

I read your email list serve and think you do a great job. I am interested in many of your postings ( & congrats on getting the scoop on the BASE jumpers, etc. story). You are helping to expose the Port Authority for the unconscionable and irresponsible organization they are – including their lack of protecting the public at the WTC site.

Could you please re-send me the distribution which included the article about the Irish Hunger Memorial regarding the possibility that the BPCA may be considering selling the site on which the Memorial is located – for a high-rise to be built?

I met a lovely young lady recently who attended Stuyvesant H.S.& who spoke fondly of the effect that this Memorial had on her.  I told her about your site, and she asked that I send her that specific article.

So, if you could send me that link, and if possible links to your other articles regarding the Memorial, I would be happy to connect this young lady and her colleagues to your site.

I would also like to be involved in some manner to preserve this unique and tranquil spot in an area that sorely needs this type of thing.


Sally Regenhard


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  1. Lisa Ackerman says:

    I hope it is not true that BPCA would considering demolishing the Irish Hunger Memorial and building on the site. More to the point, it would set an unfortunate precedent that other open spaces in Battery Park could be developed.

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