Letter to editor: Margaret Chin does not represent Downtown

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March 19, 2014- By Battery Park Dad

Regarding recent comments on BatteryPark.TV about Councilwoman Margaret Chin representing only Chinatown and city unions, I couldn’t agree more. If you want to make sure the Chinatown Senior Centers get their funding (and she gets her vote), then she is your go to. If it has anything to do with supporting the families in BPC or FiDi that have transformed the neighborhoods over the last 10 years, then you are out of luck: Very different neighborhoods, very different priorities.

She has been swept up in the “Progressive Revolution” and I fear that the priorities of the folks in the “middle” downtown — that is, not Goldman Sachs and not those who live off of Government Services, are getting brushed aside.

Unfortunately, middle aged condo owners with kids just don’t vote in City elections, and that is what it is all about. We get the government that we select. And it looks like this is the best we could muster . . .

BP.TV asks local electeds “Will you make developers also build schools?”

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5 Responses to Letter to editor: Margaret Chin does not represent Downtown

  1. Whodey says:

    Amen brother

  2. jfc says:

    If there has to be a City Council, then Lower Manhattan needs a seat for itself. Margaret Chin might be needed for Chinatown, but she is absent from the rest of Downtown and seems completely ineffective, at best.

  3. Jean Grillo says:

    Boy are your readers out of touch about Councilmember Chin. Margret Chin is a great friend and supporter of all those areas you’ve mentioned

    Just ask the parents at PS 150 which served upscale west of Broadway families which she alone saved from closing last year. Ask me about my TriBeCa CERT team which she funded with 10 radios at a cost of $5000. We only serve the areas you speak of. Margaret represents ALL of the district not just one ethnic group. She gave much support to senior groups and libraries and after school youth programs.

  4. Battery Park Dad says:

    And the machine rises to defend itself:

    Keep fighting the good fight BP.TV. All the back slapping in the world at these meetings won’t get schools built or fix the mess that is the Seaport, or make LeFrak a better landlord (or its tenants better dog owners!)

  5. BPC Savant says:

    Jean Grillo, not the brightest bulb in the box, by her own admission admits here publicly to taking $5000 from Chin.

    Well, she is smarter than Judas, who only settled for 20 pieces of silver. Play for pay is alive and well in lower Manhattan.

    This woman, this so-called “district leader” (“leader” in name only) sells out her community to the real-estate magnates’ favorite council member – Margaret Chin, who needs a map to navigate west of Centre Street.

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