Local electeds have “no comment” of support for Sheldon Silver

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Silver Chin SquadronJanuary 23, 2015- DNAinfo reports that key elected officials declined to comment on the Sheldon Silver arrest as the U.S. Attorney hints at more arrests to come. The article states, “Local councilwoman Margaret Chin declined to comment. State Senator Daniel Squadron, who also represents Lower Manhattan, did not immediately return a request for comment.”.

Their silence is deafening. Both Senator Squadron and City Councilwoman Chin have benefited from Mr. Silver’s key endorsements.

However, some ardent supporters of Mr. Silver who are members of CB1 did speak out. Paul Hovitz said, “We’re all shocked and saddened. He’s helped us build schools, rebuild after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, and push for affordable housing — he’s been our champion.”

BatteryPark.TV has previously reported on the feckless school-building power of Mr. Silver. Under his leadership, the City DOE failed to build new schools despite a huge increase in the population and long waitlists for kindergarten.


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