Look for food prices to double by September

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March 3, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was testifying before the Senate today. He specifically mentioned the rise in prices of fertilizer that will increase the costs to raise crops.

Last night, Tucker Carlson had on a guest who farms 16,000 acres in Iowa. He detailed the rising costs he faces and said that the Russian sanctions could double his costs to raise crops (Russia is a large supplier of fertilizer).

If the U.S. sanctions Russia, look for a doubling of all food prices by September. There will also be empty shelves.

All of this will drive inflation and cause the Fed to raise interest rates more than expected. The stock market is an asset bubble. This house of cards will collapse.

Greer knows. Greer always knows.

Update March 7, 2022- The stock markets sank 3% specifically on worries that Russia will increase food prices (and oil).

Update April 1, 2021-

  • Putin “West’s policies could lead to massive famine”
  • Nancy Pelosi admits Democrat policies “made [inflation] happen,” then condescendingly insists that’s just “the way it is”
  • NPR: Food prices are going up — and at levels Americans haven’t seen in decades

Update April 22-

  • Another food processing plant gets hit and finally someone is covering it.
  • Milan, Italy… citizens destroyed by tyrannical covid rules lining up for food rations

Update May 14, 2022- WSJ: Rising Food Prices Roil Developing World- War in Ukraine is exacerbating pandemic supply-chain woes and worse-than-expected harvests around the world

Update July 13- CNN: “Grocery prices jumped 12.2% in the year ending in June, not adjusted for seasonal swings. In that period, nearly every individual item got more expensive, with some categories seeing dramatic increases. Eggs spiked 33.1%, flour jumped 19.2% and chicken went up 18.6%. Milk got 16.4% more expensive, and fruits and vegetables were 8.1% pricier”

Update July 15- Sri Lanka collapsed as a country due to starvation. It was all by WEF design. Under the pretext of “climate crisis”, the WEF corrupted leaders to eliminate nitrogen fertilizer.

Vox “Sri Lanka’s organic farming disaster, explained– A shift to better farming practices is possible, but Sri Lanka’s abrupt switch to organics offers a bitter lesson in how to change food systems in a sustainable way.”

Update July 23, 2022- After Sri Lanka, the WEF moves to Canada: “It’s official. Trudeau’s meeting with provincial agriculture ministers wrapped up yesterday. He is moving forward with a 30% fertilizer reduction. Farms will fail, land will he purchased by billionaires/the government, and people will starve. Farmers are rising up today.

Update July 27, 2022-

  • Germany cuts ammonia production to conserve gas:
  • Trudeau going after Canadian farmers as he introduces regulated fertilizer reductions:

Update August 10, 2022-

Update September 2, 2022- Grocery prices surged 13 percent in August, the largest increase in over 40 years. This is a burden on every hard-working American family, and a direct result of Democrats’ disastrous policies.



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5 Responses to Look for food prices to double by September

  1. Charles CARROLL says:

    Love your comments. Have you ever thought of selling your stock recommendations to those who follow you?

  2. Editor says:

    Thanks. As a hedge fund manager earning fees, that is what I did. When I started The Healthcare Channel in 2006, the $10,000 subscription fees did that too. I don’t need to now.

  3. Lauren Horn says:

    Shop, buy and source local!

  4. Chester says:

    A tub of butter is now 8 bucks in nyc grocery stores…highway robbery. They are charging 7 dollars for a can of progreso soup and 3.29 for Campbell soup….don’t get me started about ice cream BUT how do you justify $8.99 for a box of Popsicles?

    Butter was 3 dollars under Trump. I used to buy Popsicles 2 years ago for 2.99…
    I have stopped buying certain items.

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