Look for the AOC to begin forced vaccination within weeks to concoct a crisis to divide

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July 21, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

My Apple iPhone news is the only way I see what the mainstream propaganda media is doing. There has been a full-court-press over the last week to hype “Delta variants” and “increases in cases”. It is all clearly a concocted propaganda campaign. Why?

Very soon, within a week I would say, the Third-Term Obama administration is going to start mandating lockdowns and then using that as an excuse to go door to door for mandatory vaccinations. This is why Fauci is hyping mandatory masks on three-year-olds and urging mandatory vaccinations (see video above). Kamala Harris tweeted, “This Delta variant is no joke. Get vaccinated.” Even TurtleMan Mitch McConnell (A member of the Uniparty and not leading a true opposition party) has piled on with a press conference urging vaccinations.

Regarding the “Delta variant”, the facts are:

  1. Almost all viruses mutate into less virulent forms
  2. The Delta variant is less deadly than the original SARS-CoV-2, and that one was less deadly that the regular flu
  3. The “deaths” from the Delta variant are not supporting the fear
  4. The diagnosis of “COVID” has always been a sad joke due to high false-positive PCR tests and flat-out fraud among doctors. Any propaganda story about “cases” should be ignored. Only genuine proven deaths and illnesses matter.
  5. Right now, there are numerous more dangerous infectious diseases to worry about than “delta variants”, with regular flu being one of them. Recall, the “flu” disappeared last year and this year, which is impossible. These corrupt hospitals and states are labeling the flu as “COVID”. Again, be very skeptical of reports on “cases” of “delta variant”.

Per my essay, the AOC is building the case for fascist door-to-door invasions of your body under the guise of “be vaccinated or else you are killing people.”. They know this will be unpopular and that is the whole point. The violations of our civil rights is designed to create a Second Civil War. They need excuses to divide the nation and create a crisis (see video below).

The AOC strategists know that they are going to lose the 2022 election badly. So, they have to create a big crisis like a Second Civil War. They might even be thinking about the impending state election audits in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia and a possible move to recall the electoral college, which would be far more pressing for them than the 2022 elections. Crises like a civil war will then give them an excuse to ignore the constitution, institute martial law, and cancel the elections or nullify any electoral college recalls initiated by the states.

Something is going down. There is a lot of strange behavior from the AOC. Get ready.

Update August 23, 2021- The FDA was forced to approve the vaccines and now Biden is stating that private companies should mandate the vaccines. I told you so.

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2 Responses to Look for the AOC to begin forced vaccination within weeks to concoct a crisis to divide

  1. Chester says:

    Why is no one GOP included talking about countries putting barriers up to stop flood of young fighting age unvetted covid Afghan refugees into the USA
    My nephew lives in Virginia saying thousands getting off buses
    Last week at same bus stop thousands of Central Americans arrived

    As a Va taxpayer he wants to know whose paying for their healthcare?
    Also, Afghans are mad at USA for Biden bumbling. Will this ferment to be terrorist attacks aka Tsaernov brothers in Boston

    The country in 9 months is out pf control

  2. Chester says:

    What I meant to say is that other countries are banning refugees I.e Russia China but USA is allowing thousands unvetted fighting age men to land in Virginia

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