The reason the AOC is pushing masks and vaccines

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July 17, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

I just figured out why the puppet masters behind this American Oligarchy of Communists (AOC) government are forcing masks and vaccinations upon us. The common explanation I hear is that masks are a sign of obedience to the AOC, but that is not the precise reason. Masks and vaccines are perfect tools to divide the nation.

In the video above is Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a Soviet journalist former KGB informant who defected to Canada. He explains how the USSR orchestrated communist takeovers of small countries. One of the first steps in the process is to divide a nation using class warfare.

Masks are the prefect tool for dividing a nation. They are visible symbols. It has been easy to use the invisible enemy of the virus to scare people into using them. Then, as AOC leaders became the ones championing masks, the masks became associated with one’s political loyalties. Therefore, it became possible to demonized the rest of the country in red states as unsafe spreaders of a deadly pandemic.

Now, the AOC has moved on to using vaccinations as a tool for division too. The bogus state and federal health authorities know the vaccines are unnecessary in people who have recovered from the virus or in most people under a certain age who have a minuscule chance of dying from the virus. In fact, those populations are the ideal targets of this evil plot to push vaccines because they will create the most outcry and division.

The people who do not go along with vaccinations give the AOC government an excuse to use violence against them. Those door-to-door vaccination “awareness” teams announced by Joe Biden will soon be using force.

This is all setting the stage for a second Civil War. It is why Joe Biden was told to use the term “Civil War” last week.

I can easily see how the AOC will justify using military force against regions of the country refusing to go along with vaccinations or masks. They will claim that the red states are spreading deadly viruses.

Joe Biden said this week, “The only pandemic we have is the unvaccinated and they are killing people.” The Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, said on CNN that Tucker Carlson’s criticism of the vaccines was tantamount to murder. He said, “…my worry is that all of this is misinformation that’s floating around. It’s having a real cost that can be measured and lives lost, and that is just tragic.”

All of this might work too because this nation still has no one with a large platform willing to declare that we are living under a communist government. If we do not even recognize the reality of the current state, we cannot point out the strategies they are using.

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