Madelyn Wils suing to evict rent-stabilized tenant from her apartment

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Marla-MaseNovember 20, 2013DNAinfo is reporting how our favorite “authority” figure, Madelyn Wils, CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust, is suing a rent stabilized tenant in an apartment she owns, “Wils is suing a longtime rent-stabilized tenant in a bid to evict her and her children, get $30,000 in back rent and legal fees, DNAinfo New York has learned. Wils, former chairwoman of Community Board 1, and her husband Steven refused to renew tenant Marla Mase’s 30-year-old lease at 180 Duane St. in July — saying they needed the apartment for their adult son, according to lawyers for both sides.  “I built this home and my business when there was nothing down here,” said Mase, 49, a singer/poet and owner of event planning company “Party Poopers.” She pays $1,000 per month for her third-floor loft, which the Wilses say is worth at least $7,000 a month.”

Yes, this is the same Madelyn Wils who openly proclaimed that federal funds were used to build a $5 Million dog run in her Hudson River Park. Yes, this is the same Madelyn Wils who sneaked in loud concerts on Pier 26 this summer, who orchestrated a sneaky attempt to add a tax to people living next to her poor run Hudson River Park, who proceeded to build a restaurant and boat complex on Pier 26 in flagrant violation of CB1 resolutions, and on and on.

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3 Responses to Madelyn Wils suing to evict rent-stabilized tenant from her apartment

  1. JimmyLang says:

    End rent control, is right.

  2. Editor says:

    To Jimmy and Jason

    While I share your views that free markets should rule the real estate market, and resent people who think they have a “right” to live in fancy apartments and pay less than what we schmucks who are paying full price, keep in mind that real estate owners get big tax breaks in exchange for supposedly offering “rent subsidized” apartment. I have no idea what is going on in this case, but if they are not truly following the agreements they made with the city, then they should have to pay the city more taxes.

    Thank you for commenting.

  3. Bridget O'Rash says:

    So Jimmy and Jason – you are resentful that an artist and mom who probably bought any and all fixtures inside the space and renovated it using her own cash because you don’t have that kind of deal? What are you – idiots? Manhattan was great when everyone could afford to live here, now we have a surplus of chain stores and no artists and horrible nightlife because no one who is any fun can live here anymore. Just people like you.

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