Marina Rally 2 draws hundreds of supporters again

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January 8, 2015- The second rally to support Mike Fortenbaugh’s continued operation of The North Cove Marina, held in the public library, drew 200 people, despite the temperature being zero degrees. Recall, this rally was in response to the BPCA ignoring the letters of support from all of the elected officials and locking out Mr. Fortenbaugh from his boats using a private security company.

Meanwhile, the BPCA has still not posted a date for a January board meeting whereby the RFP fate can be decided, leaving everyone in limbo. BatteryPark.TV notified Governor Cuomo’s office that no one at the BPCA, such as Shari Hyman or Dennis Mehiel, were picking up their phones.


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2 Responses to Marina Rally 2 draws hundreds of supporters again

  1. Battery Park Dad says:

    Nothing short of awesome. Great work BP.TV!

    All involved from “the other side” should be ashamed if they ignore this kind of support.

    Give yourself a nice pat on the back for a job well done!

  2. Callahan says:

    Incredible !

    Community-based sailing in BPC is best run by MYC

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