Mentally ill man fishes for koi in waterfall pond

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June 4, 2012 By Steven Greer, MD

At 7:00 PM today, a mentally ill and/or intoxicated man, wearing a bizarre green dinosaur or jester custom with tail and red hat was spotted laying face down with his head under the water of the Waterfall Pond by the Irish Memorial. He seemed to be fishing for the koi fish in the pond. He then fully submerged his body in the pond.

BatteryPark.TV called the PEP and 911. Both groups came promptly. The police brought two special unit trucks. When they arrived, the man had moved to the esplanade, had disrobed, and seemed to be hanging his clothes over the railing to dry. He was escorted away by the NYPD to a hospital.

As first reported by BP.TV, residents should be on alert for increases in alarming behavior from the mentally ill, particularly in light of the fact that new “bath salts” have been reported to cause cases of bizarre homicides, and even cannibalism.

The park patrol PEPs can be called at (212) 417-3114

The NYPD can be reached by calling 911


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