Miracles do happen: PEP chase off tour bus

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July 29, 2014- By Steven Greer

Today, I spotted two huge buses completely eclipsing the view of the North End Grill, and went to the nearby North PEP office for help. Surprisingly, two officers promptly walked to the spot and eradicated the problem.

If you are keeping score, the BPCA has instructed the PEP to first chase away tour buses illegally parked anywhere in BPC, then ordered them to not bother Goldman Sachs’ Conrad hotel strip of the street, and now seems to have relented under the pressure of BatteryPark.TV shame and is allowing PEP to once again shoo away the buses in front of the precious Conrad. Recall, BP.TV recently reported how the NYPD had to do the job of traffic cop as PEP refused to act.

One might be asking also, “Why is Danny Meyer seemingly instructing his staff to not lift a finger to help with this major problem that directly affects their diners at North End Grill?”. That is a good question.

Tour bus moved by PEP North End Ave

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  1. Dan Lenahan says:

    I’m not sure why you are only focused on the issue’s effect on the North End Grill but that musing aside tour, the normal commuter buses (9 & 20) both block the small South End Avenue shuttle bus stops, a illegal hindrance to elderly and children who must then be out in the street to be able to signal and know where the shuttle is stopping at that moment.

    Additionally the frequent running of their engines, well past the statutory idling limit, is an assault on both a noise and air quality impact of these commercial services at the expense and the well being of the very residents – renter or owner – whose dollars fund the BPCA .

    The absence of, at the minimum, “move along” enforcement is unacceptable. The BPCA needs to step up as this issue will only continue to grow without that bare minimum.

    As a closing thought, BatteryPark.TV, would do well to broaden the scope to include all of BPC when looking into this kind of issue. Despite the physical distinction, we all face the same bureaucracy.

    United we stand …

  2. Editor says:


  3. N N says:

    This photo was taken last weekend outside the Chase branch on South End, next to Gateway about 10 am on Saturday:

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