More pure crap journalism over the PEP firing issue

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CB1 11-2-2015 panoramaNovember 7 2015- DNAinfo posted a story about the CB1 meeting and the topic of the PEP being fired. Their misleading title was, “Locals decry plan to sweep out battery park officers with private security“. In fact, as we reported previously, the small audience of approximately 55 people had only approximately 13 real BPC residents. The rest were plants provided by the PEP union, or members of the press, or members of the CB1.

Of those 13 BPC residents, only approximately four had no vested interest in supporting the PEP who are city employees. The others were there to support an agenda of some kind.

For example, Paula Galloway, who leads the BPC Dogs group, along with her convicted felon husband, Jeff Galloway, have made careers out of supporting the local city and state agencies, and in turn, receiving lucrative law firm work. Therefore, not surprisingly, Ms. Galloway was opposed to the PEP firings.

One of those four BPC residents attending the meeting out of true concern over the PEP issue was a woman named Delores. She was critical of the PEP staff due to their poor job performance and abuses of power.

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