Motorcycle gang attacks family in SUV on West Side Highway

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Update October 4, 2013- The Post is reporting that several members of the motorcycle gang are actually police offices, and one was “undercover” as the incident, below, took place.

Update October 3, 2013- The Post is reporting that police have found the man who dragged the driver out of his car, beat and knifed.

Update October 2, 2013-The Post is reporting that the DA is inexplicably not prosecuting one of the men filmed assaulting the family in the SUV.

Update October 1, 2013- Posted on YouTube is what appears to be a motorcycle gang going through Tribeca that resembles the same one that attacked the SUV, below.

September 30, 2013- The NY Post is reporting on a motorcycle gang that chased down a family in a Range Rover, then grabbed the man out and beat him up. Like most modern-day jackass fools, they posted their crime on YouTube.

October 1, 2013- Police made some arrests, according to The Post.

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4 Responses to Motorcycle gang attacks family in SUV on West Side Highway

  1. Caroline says:

    Walking from BPC up to 14th street, we first thought hundreds of bikers were associated with towers Run. However, friend noticed they were running red lights standing up on seats of bike ( foolish daredevil stuff) and speeding. We realized they were not respectful bikers who pay tribute to 9-11 victims but a renegade gang.
    What I fail to understand– we saw police on motorcycles on the esplanade for the tower run, yet from bpc all the way to Henry Hudson where they terrorized , not one police stopped them for speeding…they did not pass 1 nypd the whole length of manhattans west side….? they were so noisy everyone was looking from bike path to highway…
    Isn’t this suspicious? ! Not one cop stopped or noticed them speeding ?

  2. Battery Park Dad says:

    The problem is that cops have become so fixated on a certain command — race management, terrorism patrol, traffic stops that they have no flexibility to “leave their posts” to engage in real police work

    Case in point, I once saw two obviously drunk (they had bottles in their hands) and drug addled homeless people beating another just steps away from PS234. I informed a cop who was 3 blocks away who said “I cant do anything about that. My job is terrorism watch at the subway entrance. I cannot leave this spot.” He refused to call it into the precinct, as he didn’t have the number (!!) and said I should call information myself and ask for the desk sergeant.

    I did end up calling the precinct and this was the response “Where is PS234?” . . .

  3. River Terrace Resident says:

    Hopefully every one of those bikers gets the justice they deserve. That would be fair in my opinion.

    They were looking for trouble and should rightfully find it with a brick wall and leave innocent people alone. I have no patience for ignorance and hope the biker who is paralyzed remains so.

  4. little man says:

    Clearly a hate crime or terrorist type of attack, the drivers was identified by the motor cylist that boxed him in. the suprise was that he actualy was able to flee and the chase followed. I would like to know if a police call was made durring the chase and wat the response was. I also would not be surprised if the black panthers were involved

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