Motorcycle gang intimidates Lower Manhattan

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February 28, 2016-  These large shows of force by motorcycle gangs has have stopped for a few years ever since the embarrassing incident that led to an innocent couple being dragged out of their cars and attacked in 2013. That is why this display today is disturbing.

Note how they are driving on the bike path and not the highway. This is very dangerous to pedestrians.

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5 Responses to Motorcycle gang intimidates Lower Manhattan

  1. jcmealla says:

    I was crossing West St. at that moment. A police car was following them but other than no other cops in sight. Hope this is an isolated occurrence.

  2. Editor says:

    Are you kidding me? Under De Blasio, he is now tolerating this with police escorts?

  3. jcmealla says:

    Yes. Apparently!

  4. ncianca says:

    Listening to NYPD radio this Sunday, I would like to point out that NYPD was NOT providing an “escort” to the multiple roving bike gangs this past Saturday.

    Any police vehicle that was following (or leading) these gangs was to keep track of where they currently are and try to protect the public and continuously providing position information.

    These bike gangs move very quickly and can be difficult to track.

  5. BPCMom says:

    But yet, M-F, we have about 5-6 (I counted) cross guards at the intersection of West Thames and the Tunnel.

    And 3-4 are not actually working, either chatting with each other clustered on one side, or on their phones.

    Great use of our tax $s!

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