New state laws to curb motorcycle gangs

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December 23, 2013- The Post reports new laws are planned to stiffen penalties against motorcycle gangs, in the wake of the roadside beating last vvv, “Sen. Adriano Espaillat, whose district includes Washington Heights, where the violence took place, and Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa, will propose four bills giving cops and prosecutors new tools to go after reckless bikers….The first measure would stiffen penalties for a group attack by bikers. The second would make it illegal for bikers to do stunts like wheelies in traffic. “Anyone who thinks performing risky maneuvers in the middle of traffic is a good idea should have their license suspended so they understand their actions put lives in danger,” Espaillat said. A third bill would require groups of 50 or more motorcyclists to get a permit approved by the NYPD.”

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