Gift ideas: the Nexus 7 tablet for $230

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Nexus 7December 2, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

I purchased the Google Android OS-powered Nexus 7 tablet, for $230, and highly recommend it. There are no glitches or downside to write about, so I will keep this short.

It does everything you expect, and is better than iPads because one can connect to their PC and transfer files more easily. The smaller size means it can be carried in the breast pocket of a suit, or easily inside a purse.

The resolution of the screen is amazing. One can stare at it very closely and not see a pixel.

It has front and back cameras for good Skype video capabilities. The camera and video are adequate.

I have been using it to read business PDFs on it instead of straining my neck leaning into my PC. I also Tweet and check email from the couch now, instead of walking to the computer. The ability to load document and image files onto the hard drive has made it a good tool for business presentations as well.

For the traveler, this gadget is a “must have”.

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