Gift ideas: a mirrorless full-frame-sensor camera

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Sony a7December 2, 2013– By Steven E. Greer, MD

Professional video crews on big-budget TV and film projects are using more and more small-body SLR cameras outfitted with all sorts of add-ons. I have been shopping around for a new camera, and for $2,000, the new Sony a7 mirrorless, full-frame-sensor, 60-frames-per-second, video and still camera seems to be the best.

The SLR lenses allow the video to be focused on a near image with a blurred background, giving that cinematic look. The full-frame-sensor means that low light images will be much better, and the 60-frames-per-second video means that one can pan the camera without blurring (The Hobbit was only filmed in 40-fps).

After doing my homework, and speaking with the seniormost camera guys at major TV networks, I see no reason to buy the full-body traditional video cameras. These small SLRs are the way to go.

Old-school photographers like Canon and Olympus cameras because of the lens options. But for many reasons, this Sony is the best bet. Do your own shopping and investigating, of course.

The Sony a7 goes on sale December 17th. Any grateful viewers can certainly buy one for BatteryPark.TV and write it off as a tax deduction since we are a non-profit.

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