New York City is now worse than it was in the 1970’s

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Update August 9, 2016- Today alone, a doctor was slashed in the face in a nice part of town in the Upper East Side, and nearby, a person by the Guggenheim Museum was mugged at gunpoint.

Update March 10, 2016- The Post reports that a man was casually strolling around Staten Island with a 26-yo female corpse in a shopping cart.

Update May 12, 2016- The Post reports on a horrific crime, whereby a tourist female was punched in the face by a Times square panhandler with a long criminal record.

Update March 10, 2016- Leading off the afternoon TV news was a story about a 53-woman who was walking on the sidewalk in Brooklyn and was stabbed with a large chef’s knife in the neck. Then, the next story was about a man being arrested for stabbing two other people nearby in Prospect Park, unrelated.

Meanwhile, Mayor De Blasio is making it impossible for cops to do preventive measures to stop this. His puppet City Council is making it illegal to arrest mild offenders. They even want to shut down Riker’s Island prison.

When just one person gets away with a crime like this, the news spreads among the criminal community. They learned about 12-months ago that they can carry knives with impunity. Face slashing is the new “Knockout game”. Young males are doing this just for fun.

December 29, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

New York City has seen far worse periods of chaos and crime, such as the 1850-1900 era when the city was just beginning to sprout and Downtown was a mess of filth and graft. But, the era from the 1970’s through 80’s is what most people associate with as being the worst of times, ala Midnight Cowboy. Back in the 70’s, the city was close to bankruptcy, open prostitution on the streets was common, muggings were the norm, and gun violence filled the emergency rooms of the city.

Now, under the Mayor de Blasio administration, which has only been in power for two years, the city has degraded in many dramatic ways causing people to make comparisons to the 70’s. However, one can well argue that New York City today is actually far worse than the city was 35-years ago.

The homeless problem has never been worse. There are more homeless in New York City now than ever before. They are strewn all over the public spaces, such as La Guardia air port, Penn Station, and small enclosed bus stops, creating sites one used to see only in impoverished corners of the globe. The homeless epidemic will be de Blasio’s legacy.

Goldman Alley homeless campViolent crime is back, just like the 70’s, including gun violence. Don’t believe those official FBI and NYPD crime stats. They have been proven time after time to be rigged and fraudulent. Just read the papers. For every crime story that makes it to the press, manifold go unreported.

Recently, there have been murders by gunshot wound in open crowded places, such as the McDonald’s next to Penn Station. Gangs are violently attacking people in the subways. Women are being brutally raped in the parks.

shooting penn stationSex trafficking is just as bad now as it was in the 70’s, if not worse. The Internet has made street walking unnecessary, but has also made it even easier to sell illegal immigrant women from Asia and Russia to New Yorkers.

Subway sex crimes are a new phenomenon. Men are groping women in droves, or publicly masturbating.

Illegal drugs are worse now than ever before. Crack was a problem for a portion of the population in the 80’s. Now, rampant public smoking of smelly marijuana is a common site. Mayor de Blasio essentially made it legal to carry around a sandwich bag full of pot. As a result, intoxicating fumes plague our parks and sidewalks.

Where are the cops?

Public transportation has never been worse. The same rails and subway cars that operated under Mayors Lindsay, Beame, and Koch in the 70’s are still hauling New Yorkers today. The subway stations look just as unreliable, are just as filthy, and smell like urine just as they did back in 1975. Actually, the subways and buses are even worse now because the costs to ride have skyrocketed.

The same streets, bridges, and tunnels serving the public now in 2015 were in existence during the 70’s. They are even older and less safe now.

Street traffic congestion has never been worse. The City DOT, led by Polly Trottenberg, has approved many construction projects that appear to be utterly uncoordinated. Crucial cross-town streets have been reduced to one lane causing havoc.

Perhaps the biggest deterioration in quality of life in New York City is the loss of freedoms caused by the terrorist attacks of the past and current threat from ISIS. New York is a city watched over by Big Brother, just like London and Tel Aviv.

Public corruption has never been worse. The top elected officials have been convicted of federal corruption, but they were just the tip of the iceberg.

Cuomo and Silver togetherUnemployment numbers are unreliable. It is hard to imagine that the current unemployment of young New Yorkers is not in the double-digits, worse than the 70’s.

Defender’s of the mayor will point out that the streets seem to be cleaner than the Times Square of the 70’s. However, that comes at the price of gentrification.

The affordable neighborhoods have all been cleaned up, pricing out all of the young people trying to start careers and old people on fixed incomes. Even professionals earning six-figures are getting gentrified out of nice neighborhoods as greedy developers flip their rentals into condo conversions. Multi-million dollar apartments are being built and remain empty as foreigners park cash in the pencil-towers that shadow Central Park. The city income taxes force most of the wealthy owners to live elsewhere, so the benefit to the community is not even seen in the form of tax revenue.

New York City of 2016 is more chaotic, unsafe, and corrupt than it was in the 1970’s. While at the same time, the cost of living is much higher.

Should New Yorkers tolerate two more years of this crap? What are the legal maneuvers to impeaching or recalling a mayor of New York? Does anyone know?

Rahm Emanuel might be ousted in Chicago. Why can’t we eject our mayor?


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