New York City’s biggest employer is the City of New York

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MTA employeesMarch 23, 2014- The Post reports via Crain’s (so we have now recycled this for the third time), “City Hall and the city’s Department of Education were the top two employers in 2013 — with City Hall employing more than 150,000 people and the Department of Education employing more than 119,000.

Federal and New York state governments rank 3rd and 4th on the list, with about 89,000 and 69,000 employees respectively.

The MTA rounded out the top five with 67,000 employees, an increase of nearly 3 percent since the year before.

Also in the top ten of employers were city HHC health care systems,  such as Bellevue…”

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  1. jfc says:

    And people still don’t equate this with the highest combined tax rate in the country, while still getting sub-standard services on most things the government supplies?

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