Major new addition to CB1: Andrew Zelter

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CB1 on Gateway 1-7-2014April 7, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

The list of new CB1 appointees was released to BatteryPark.TV by the Manhattan Borough President’s office (see chart at bottom). There were few changes amongst the old guard, but a very significant new member was added: Andrew Zelter.

Mr. Zelter is a rising star in the local community, according to multiple sources (an interview request to Mr. Zelter is pending). He recently took over the leadership of the Downtown Little League, and is viewed as a more diplomatic, less abrasive, leader than his predecessors.

Mr. Zelter has four children through two sets of twins. He coaches two different soccer teams for them, and now runs Little League.

One parent of a Little League player said, “His blast emails and organization are much smoother and efficient. He travels a lot. He will be in Singapore and still be coordinating efforts for soccer and baseball. I don’t know how he does it.”.

As a Managing Director at The Bank of New York overseeing important accounts, Mr. Zelter does not fit the mold of the typical CB1 member. He is smart and has people skills, by all accounts. One parent joked, “The IQ of the entire CB1 just went up 30 points (with the addition of Mr. Zelter).”.

New CB1 April 2014

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