Tip of the Week: Try the Warby Parker bricks and mortar store

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Warby Parker interiorApril 5, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

I previously extolled the virtues of online optical stores that have broken the mold of the old eyeglass cartel, and sell high quality prescription glasses for as little as $35. I explained how to design custom spectacles for the computer screen distances, relieving stress on the eyeball.

Today, I ventured to the actual physical store for Warby Parker in the Meatpacking district. This time, I purchased normal prescription glasses that are more stylish than my computer glasses. I still only paid $125 for the frames and the lenses.

The one note of caution, if you decide to try out this shopping experience, is that the Warby Parker sales floor staff are utterly clueless about the prescription lens part of the ordering, and they have a Millennial attitude to boot. However, there is a optical specialist who will make the final prescription lens check before you purchase, and the man I dealt with had some intelligence.Warby Parker front

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