Not a single government employee will lose a job from the scamdemic lockdowns

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March 20, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

California Governor Gavin Newsom, a likely 2024 presidential candidate, is the latest blue state leader to overreact and make this false pandemic worse. He has now ordered residents to stay in their homes, imposing a curfew. New York State and City effectively have shut down as well.

Politicians are generally spineless weasels who make every decision based on popularity among rich donors and the masses who vote for them. Why then have they been so willing to shut down the entire economy and create millions of unemployed Americans who have lost huge portions of their retirement savings in the stock market crash? Aren’t they afraid of losing voters?

Are they being courageous and putting politics aside? The answer is, “Hell no”

These cowards in charge who are burning the house down have realized that their own propaganda machines that they created would turn on them and destroy them if they did not go along with the strategy to destroy Trump’s booming economy. The fascists will make any Democrat leader collateral damage. Therefore, the leaders are intentionally overreacting in order to be seen as erring on the side of caution. They are closing down the country to avoid unfair blame in the liberal press.

But why are they not concerned about being voted out of office? The answer to that is counter-intuitive to those unfamiliar with the swamp. The Democrat party elects officials based on the whims of the government employees and their unions (as well as the large globalist companies), usually. They generally can rig any state or city election (but failed in 2016 at the national level as Trump defeated Clinton).

There will not be a single state or city government employee that will lose their job because of this latest economic depression. They all get paid sick leave. They will keep their Cadillac health insurance and pensions. Therefore, leaders like Cuomo and Newsom hope that they will survive after shutting down entire states.

If their government employees felt even the slightest pain, we would have seen genuine pitchfork mobs going after Wall Street CEO’s last time. Cuomo and Newsom never would have had the courage to act they way they have during this pandemic. They have a false sense of security because their state employee unions are backing them, for the time being.

During the last global depression in 2008, not a single government employee lost their job. The trillions in stimulus that was supposed to go towards infrastructure work programs got sucked into state coffers to pay pensions, keep globalist companies afloat, and so forth.

It will be just the private sector that gets screwed this time, once again. Ambitious entrepreneurs who run small businesses and their employees are not the Democrat base. Let them eat cake.

I have a prediction that the reasoning above will backfire. Young people can spot the BS and fearmongering. They are the ones who will be hit hard and will not turn out to vote this year, thus hurting Democrats.

Meanwhile, Trump has played this hand well. In just a week or so, he will be bragging about flattening the curve and new drugs approved.

Trump even has these same leaders now pandering to him with compliments because they know they will need the trillion-dollar stimulus package to feed their government-employee mobs, as Obama did last time. The question is whether Trump will give block grants to the blue states knowing that the money will go straight into government employee coffers and not to the private sector working class. Trump now has huge leverage over them.

Look for the Democrats to lose the House and more Senate seats this year. Look for Hillary Clinton, who is hiding under her rock during this crisis, to knock off Joe Biden with the super-delegates, then fail for a record third time as a presidential candidate. Look for millions of people to have been needlessly put out of work.

The silver lining in this dysfunction could be that it triggers a true revolution against this corrupt ruling class. Populism will be stronger than ever. Stay tuned.

Update July 24, 2021- Well, I certainly did not predict the rigging of the 2020 election and the Third-Term Obama administration taking over. However, the rest of this essay holds true. Even Cuomo will not lose his job as the Obama DOJ has his back and will not even investigate his nursing home policies that killed people (Newsom should be ousted though in the September recall).

The cartoon below was from this week in a British paper.

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3 Responses to Not a single government employee will lose a job from the scamdemic lockdowns

  1. Mike S says:

    Galling, particularly since tax revenues will dip and spending rise.

  2. Fuck Trump says:

    Trump is complicit in the whole scamdemic as the rest of them.

  3. Editor says:

    Dear Fuck Trump,

    You are a crazed brainwashed European communist who lacks the ability to reason. This caused you to make the assumption that I support Trump or do not agree with you.

    Yes. Trump mishandled all of this pandemic nonsense. He started the dominoes to fall. His pandemic team under Pence was corrupt.

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