Now that’s entertainment: Queen of the Night performing arts dinner show

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Queen of the NightDiamond Horseshoe at the Paramount HotelJanuary 30, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Are you bored to tears of Tribeca, and tired of flying to LA for good old fashioned hedonistic fun? Do you miss the glory days of The Box on Chrystie Street circa 2005, with their risqué (and flat out pornographic) sex shows on stage? Do you hear yourself thinking the lyrics “This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!”.

Well, we have the place for you.

Me and Randy Weiner 2The Paramount Hotel in Times Square renovated the lower level into a large dining hall with stages throughout. The production playing now is “Queen of the Night“, produced by Randy Weiner (also one of the brains behind The Box).

The event is highly interactive, with couples asked to separate and mingle with others. The crew seems adept at judging which participants are up for a wild show, and which are more conservative.

The food is brought out in family style, and adjacent tables are encouraged to borrow from others. One table will have numerous full lobsters in a cage, while another will have a full baby pig to carve, for example. The meals are worthy of a fine dining establishment, but no one cares.

To avoid spoiling anything for you, we will let the photos do the talking. But we will say this: follow orders and do as you are told, and you will be led into some fun places.

Lobster Queen of NightWaiter walking Queen of NightThe meal Queen of the NightMe forced under the table croppedReopening of DIAMOND HORSESHOE on New Year’s EveQueen of the Night Diamond Horse Shoe at the Paramount Hotel

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