NY Post raves about Le District

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June 12, 2015- The Post’s Steve Cuozo raves about Le District. His title of the story was “Oui, oui! Le District is the most delightful new French spot in NYC”.

He wrote, “This area, Le District’s crown jewel, comprises distinct boulangerie, fromagerie, charcuterie, rotisserie, boucherie and poissonnerie stations. Best of all are a pair of oval sit-down counters, one devoted to wine, the other attached to the butcher station.

At either, you may order dishes from all the different kiosks, listed on a single menu. The simple but satisfying Spanish sardines, silver-skinned, spineless and olive-oil-drenched, are served out of the tin with coarse sea salt, seaweed butter and toast crisps — a $22 feast to wash down with wines by the glass and French and Belgian draft beers.

But Le District isn’t for those whose idea of “downtown” ends at Tribeca. It’s for those who have happily discovered what’s increasingly, month by month, Manhattan’s most exciting neighborhood in which to work and live.

Vive la revolución!

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