Should CB1 members be fined by the city’s Conflict of Interest Board?

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Catherine-McVay-Hughes-ignoring-usUpdate April 23, 2015- Pete Braus replied and told us that he has left the CB1. However, that does not mean he can’t be fined for past actions.

April 23, 2015- DNAinfo reports that the city’s Conflict of Interest Board is fining CB2 members for taking free gifts from the SoHo House which they oversee for SLA matters. Well, if they are doing that, then they should start looking at CB1.

The Tribeca subcommittee leader, Peter Braus, was spotted by BP.TV minutes after approving a liquor license for a restaurant (which involved allowing the shop to use the existing license of an unrelated restaurant) eating at a restaurant owned by the same chef who just received the favor from CB1. Even if he paid the full tab, is this ethical?

How many other restaurants treat Mr. Braus so well? How does a sleazy strip club on Murray Street get a liquor license renewed without public debate, year after year? Why are some nightclubs in Tribeca allowed to stay open until 4:00 AM when other restaurants run by mothers get harassed by Mr. Braus for wanting a 1:00 AM license?

BatteryPark.TV continues to advocate for a full cleaning of the house at CB1. With the demise of Sheldon Silver, his crony puppets must go too.

Op-Ed: Most members of Manhattan Community Board 1 need to be replaced

CB1’s Catherine McVay Hughes refuses to explain why she moved the meetings to far away Chambers Street

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3 Responses to Should CB1 members be fined by the city’s Conflict of Interest Board?

  1. Peter Braus says:

    Adios Greer.

    I’m off the board.

    Yes, and there’s nothing illegal or conflicted about dining out!

  2. Editor says:

    Tell that to the city ethics people.

  3. Callahan says:

    US Attorney Preet Bharara should look into this

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