Finally, Le District is “opening soon”

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French PoulokakosUpdate March 17, 2015- It opens March 26 along with the Vesey Street entrance to Brookfield, we were told.

Update February 25, 2015- A real estate blog is unquestionably regurgitating claims by the Poulakakos team that their Brookfield Place spot called “Le District” will “Open in a month”. Even if it does, we have already been proven correct by pointing put last year that their opening date estimates for 6-months off.

Update January 9, 2015- Told you so. The Post now “reports” that Le District will open in March, which is of course just them regurgitating a press release. A Tribeca dog walker who blogs also misled the community on le District. Below, we boldly and loudly called them out for misleading. We inform.

November 25, 2014- For years, the Brookfield Canadian thugs have paid off the mainstream media to spread false rumors of “opening soon”. Peter Poulakakos and his 37,000 square-foot “Le District” has been “opening soon” for more than a year now. BatteryPark.TV recently reported that construction is still many months away from completion.

However, the NY Post’s own in-house publicist for the real estate industry, masquerading as a journalist, Steve Cuozzo, writes today, “Le district opening soon”. Has he ever stepped foot in Battery Park City? Anyone walking by can see the state of the construction.

Of course, now all of the news thieves that aggregate stories will pick up this story. That is the scam they have arranged. The Post starts a wave of mistruth in the blogosphere and, in exchange, is paid by publicists for big real estate. Those small blog news aggregators, in turn, get ads thrown their way.

(By the way, Pier-A is not truly “opened” at all. They have one bar open).

Confirmed: Brookfield Place now talking about “2016” as opening date

Brookfield looks to sell Brookfield Place

No chance of the Poulakakos/Brookfield French grocery store, Le District, opening soon

Le District outside 1-11-2015

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  1. David P says:

    I think the term “Canadian thugs” really diminishes the point you are trying to make in this story.

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