This convicted felon was almost my roommate many years ago

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022514Penn2shMarch 17, 2015- Many years ago, when I was a surgery resident, I almost allowed Lawrence Penn to be my roommate up in Murray Hill by NYU. He was a West Point friend of my good high school friend. Mr. Penn shook my hand and agreed to the deal, then backed out.

I would see him around town in steak bars living it up, trying to portray himself as a big shot in finance, but we all knew better. For example, he had a website that listed offices all around the globe, but they were bogus offices.

Therefore, it is of no surprise to read in the NY Post that Mr. Penn was sentenced to prison time for stealing $9.3 Million from clients of his “private equity” company called Camelot (What a great name Camelot is: a fictional mythical scenario).

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