NYPD finally gets smart handling mentally ill perps

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March 25, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I have written man an essay about how police forces need to have a smarter method to subdue mentally deranged people. Right now, they bark out orders, which scare the perp, then use noncompliance as a license to kill.

The story in The Post is evidence of the NYPD searching for non-deadly methods to restrain the mentally ill. This “body bag” might look cruel, but the perp is better off than having 20-rounds of lead pumped into him by infectious fire.

The police need better tools for subduing the mentally insane other than bullets

Lethal force in Ferguson was unnecessary, yet few lessons seem to have been learned

Is there a new street drug that triggers homicidal rages?

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  1. India1901 says:

    Another example is the police in Belgium arrested two terrorist suspects alive by shooting them in the legs. Here the only time a suspect is shot in the lrgs is when one of the 63 shots goes astray!

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