Essay: Obama is the biggest liar ever to occupy The White House

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nightclub_shooting_florida_obamaDecember 12, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

There were at least 25 Christians murdered yesterday while they were in church on Sunday morning. This happened in Cairo. The same church was attacked a few days earlier killing six security guards.

This is all the doing of radical Islam, of course. The Muslim Brotherhood was behind the attacks (President Obama and Hillary Clinton propped up The Muslim Brotherhood in 2011 during the Arab Spring).

However, in the national news on Monday, the next day, there was not a single word about the slaughter. Instead, CBS This Morning (A leading member of The American state-sponsored media) led off with tabloid junk about Trump and the cat-laser-pointer-distraction of Russia being involved in the election by hacking John Podesta’s emails and leaking them to Wikileaks (as if Hillary Clinton was a stellar candidate unfairly robbed of the presidency).

Ben David Rhodes Ben Elizabeth SherwoodPresident Obama has to be the most dishonest president in the history of the country. Look at all of the huge lies that he has tried unsuccessfully to pass onto us.

It started with the flagrant Obamacare lies in 2009 about how, “You can keep your doctor with Obamacare”, and other deceptions on key facts of the ACA. Then, it was the propaganda effort to cover up the Benghazi embassy attack (i.e. It was a mob protesting a movie that was offensive to Muslim, they wanted us to believe, rather than early ISIS). Now, the Obama administration is just flagrantly planting false news when radical Islam hits, having his puppets in the news say things like “no association with terrorism“, or simply not covering major events like the Cairo church massacre.

Obama has “daddy issues”. His biological father and step-father were both Muslim, and he refuses to acknowledge that Islam has such a disgraceful dark side. He thinks to himself, “I was raised by Muslims. They were good people. I refuse to have these bad guys tarnish the reputation of billions of good Muslims” So, he places ideology over reality, which causes him to ignore the real threat of ISIS, for example.

After eight years of this, Obama genuinely suffers from delusions enabled by a bizarre bubble around him of a bunch of Yes Men/Women, such as Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett, and Susan Rice. They really cannot see how silly they look. They all think that their propaganda ploys work. This is why Trump’s victory caught them by surprise.

white-house-staff-obama-speechObama is the biggest liar ever to occupy The White House. And that is saying a lot considering Nixon, George W. Bush (“Mr. WMD”), and Clinton (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, etc.) came before him.

Rep. Joe Wilson could have summed up the entire Obama administration best with his “You lie” taunt during The State of the Union, way back in 2009. That was prescient indeed.

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