Essay: Addictive social media apps are our modern day tobacco problem

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June 21, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Doomsayers have warned for decades about the damage computers and social media will cause to society. But it is an invisible scourge. You can’t outwardly see when a person has gone bad just by inspecting them. The evil will be seen through their actions.

We are starting to see the antisocial behavior caused by addictive social media apps manifest in the news. Today in London, tourists are taking selfies of the charred high-rise tower that killed approximately 100 people or more, having no clue to the crass disrespectful behavior. Likewise, at Ground Zero people are doing inappropriate things with their smart phones, such as playing Poke Man.

In the courts, we saw this week the first conviction for a social media enabled suicide. The felon, a perverted white female teen who looked like any other normal girl, was actually a modern-day witch. She caused her boyfriend to commit suicide with numerous text messages as he sat in a car rigged for carbon monoxide. Meanwhile, many cases of people live-streaming on Facebook video their suicides have become common in the news.

Elsewhere, we see morons taking narcissistic selfies while doing outrageous crimes and flashing the cash. They don’t even realize that the crime is bad, so they take a selfie.

Then, of course, all of this ISIS terrorism we see around the world and here at home is 100% the result of social media. ISIS overtook Al-Qaeda because of social media.

Oh, by the way, there are real physical ailments caused by the social media addictions. Cervical spine disc herniations are on the rise caused by people flexing their necks. Sleep disorders and sexual disorders are also on the rise.

Addictive social media apps are our modern day tobacco problem. They are addictive and marketed by the companies, such as Facebook and Apple, just like the Big Tobacco companies marketed cigarettes in the 1950’s and 60’s.

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