Obstructionists lose. Gourmet diner coming to City Hall.

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150 Nassau and Dennys

Update February 19, 2014– Denny’s got its liquor license.

January 2, 2014- For unknown reasons, obstructionists opposed plans to bring affordable consistent dining, in the form of a Denny’s, to 150 Nassau Street, which is across from Pace University and City Hall. The space formerly was the the home of Taco Bell, no less, so Denny’s would be an upgrade, one would think.

However, since the building converted into a luxury condo, the residential board was resisting a new affordable eatery that might attract the riffraff of Pace college kids. How terrible. Tenants sued Denny’s to stop the move, but seem to have lost the battle.

A local real estate blog bemoaned today that the topic was coming before the CB1 by writing, “When the application was withdrawn last May, there was hope that Denny’s was backing off—but no. 150 Nassau is a wonderful building right across from City Hall. So depressing. UPDATE: DNAinfo says that the restaurant can move forward because it settled a lawsuit brought on by the neighbors, but the terms haven’t been disclosed. Anyone out there was to share the details?”

Depressing? Really? That’s a little melodramatic. If a diner is going to be added to the area, it is better off being one with corporate quality controls, rather than another one-off scary place run by someone who should not be in the food business (i.e. virtually every diner in New York).

The Seaport and much of FiDi is still shut down after Hurricane Sandy, and prior to that, the region was a dump. Why some feel that it is a precious landmark area not to be changed is a mystery. Most of the area is built on landfill and does not resemble the original New Amsterdam and New York of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tribeca Citizen comments on Dennys

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