Olive’s at Hudson Eats destroyed by Tribeca blogger

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Olives Hudson Eat wideJune 18, 2014- The angry Tribecan blogger is at it again. Recall, he has slammed most of the Hudson Eats restaurants.

Today, he annihilates Olives, “I was annoyed with all the waste, yet again, and I had decided I’d just consider it all recyclable until I took a swig of Stumptown coffee and got a big mouthful of grounds, which I had to spit into the oatmeal cup. (Adam, later: “They just opened. Cut ‘em some slack.” Me: “I don’t care if it’s Day One. You should be able to get coffee right.”)….You order, if you can get someone’s attention, at which point you’re handed a receipt so you can move on to the register. Fine. But at lunch, the cashier was on the phone the whole time, so I had to pantomime that I wanted the receipt back. At breakfast, I had to repeat everything I said—even after I started overenunciating—and it got so ridiculous the worker and I laughed about it.

When I was handed the bag with my oatmeal in it, I could tell by touch that there was no spoon. I peeked inside to make sure. “Could I have a spoon?”


“I need a spoon.”

“It’s in the bag.”

I looked in again. “There’s no spoon.”

“It’s in the bag.”

“I don’t know what to tell you besides there’s no spoon.”

Another worker: “Everything is inside the bag, sir.”



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  1. gah says:

    SkinnyPizza was a dud with the most discerning of pizza connoisseurs, my young daughter. She managed a few bites before turning up her nose. I have to agree with her. It was dry and bland. I guess that’s why it’s skinny.

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