One distracted driver could kill 50 kids at PS 276

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September 4, 2014- By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV has been the only source to report on the dangerous street crossing conditions in South BPC, and how the BPCA has ample funds to install proper traffic lights, but has refused to so. The editorial arm of BP.TV was able to get stop signs installed at West Thames and Battery Place, but the BPCA obstructed more extensive plans by the DOT, for unknown reasons.

Today, school is back in session at PS 276. We filmed the scene as the kids were leaving the school in the afternoon.

The hundred or more children are too numerous for the current street setup. The parents escorting them have to allow only a few to cross at a time.

Speaker Sheldon Silver issued a press release recently boasting about how he was able to have a stop sign installed by the school. That is utterly ineffective and inadequate. South BPC needs real traffic lights, just like the ones that were promptly installed on North End Avenue and Murray Street, within months, thanks to lobbying by Goldman Sachs.

If a child or adult is harmed crossing the streets in South BPC, blood will be on the hands of Dennis Mehiel, Chairman of the BPCA. He has the budget and authority to install traffic lights, but refuses to do so. The cronies on the CB1 are also culpable.

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