What we the people demand from the BPCA

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which will be sent to Governor Cuomo and BPCA Chairman Mehiel. It reads:

Dennis Mehiel, Chairman and CEO, BPCA
Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

The BPCA has now had numerous administrations removed after state investigations found wrongdoing. It is time for fundamental changes to deal with this systematic corruption.

Changes that we the people of Battery Park City demand are as follows:

1. Board members must live in Battery Park City

2. There be quarterly Town Hall meetings with the BPCA Chairman and CEO present

3. There be a new group of real BPC citizens that is represented on the BPCA board, and those members of this new entity cannot also be on the conflicted Community Board 1 of the city

4. Establish a community election program whereby portions of the BPCA board are elected rather than appointed. The BPCA board chairman or chairwoman must be elected.

5. Return the community to the previous levels of maintenance.

6. Stop raising bonds, then giving the money to the city

7. Stop giving the hundreds of millions per year in revenue surplus to the city and state. Re-invest the surplus in the community for infrastructure and for lowering common charges. 8. Invest in upgrading the entire design of the area with a $100 Million project using a professional urban design center. BPC was never properly design in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

9. Bring in new grocery stores

10. Failing these points, the city should invoke their option to take over and incorporate BPC into the city.

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3 Responses to What we the people demand from the BPCA

  1. Frankie D says:

    Battery Park Authority needs to be investigated when it comes to their hiring practices. Why is it that they have jobs posted on their website all hidden but anyone who gets a job their is connected someway. It’s patronage jobs. Why don’t they post their jobs on the official Dept of Labor’s website since it’s free and/or they don’t want the public to see the jobs they might have open. Also why is it that major donors of the gov. happen to sit on their board

  2. Battery Park Resident says:

    Donald Capoccia should NOT be on the Battery Park’s Board. He has numerous complaints against him at the AG’s office regarding his buildings and how he has left numerous New Yorkers in all the boros with buildings with construction issues. Also, large donors of Andrew Cuomo should NOT sit on this board and should be vetted before they are placed.

  3. Sparky says:

    And consider improving the affordability of battery park city by renegotiating more competitive pilot charges. Target a 30 to 50 % reduction so the residents benefit rather than third parties.

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