Brookfield reopens only detour at ground level

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Green Monster comes to Brookfield

Update July 28, 2014- The ground level detour is now opened up again, promptly after BP.TV reported.

July 22, 2014- Opinion by Steven E. Greer

The Canadian real estate bullies who run Brookfield Properties, who have been allowed to get away with anything, no matter how great the inconvenience to the residents of BPC, have shut down the one and only ground-level pathway through the building. Now, pedestrians must walk all the way to the west side of WFC 4 to get past the WFC and go to Tribeca or Vesey Street. The other option is to go upstairs through the detour on the second level, which is a major hurdle if one is carrying Whole Foods groceries, etc.

Not coincidentally, this closure of the back entrance by P.J. Clarke’s now makes all traffic flow to the restaurant cut off. Recall, P.J. Clarke’s has filed a $40 Million lawsuit against Brookfield claiming that Brookfield wants them gone, and is using construction scaffolding and other harassment to smoke them out.

PJ Clarkes scaffold 7-16-2014 low resUpon inspection of this recent closure of the ground level detours, there seems to be no justification for it. The nearby large glass atrium being built is adequately sealed off from the doorway that is now closed.

This certainly looks and smells like sabotage by Brookfield to hurt P.J. Clarke’s. Brookfield spits on the BPC community, once again.

Where is the BPCA in all of this? Who is looking out for the folks?

The BPCA has been completely silent and has allowed Brookfield Place renovations to drag on, with never-ending detours, for years and years. None of the BPCA senior leadership live in BPC, and could not care less about our quality of life.

If you want to get involved and make a difference, we have created the “Friends of BPC” block association. Send us an email to join.

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