Parm, coming to Brookfield Place

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02OFF-articleLargeDecember 25, 2013- Parm is one of the full sit-down restaurants coming to Brookfield Place this year, on the corner of Vesey and North End Avenue. The original small shop on Mulberry Street won two stars in the NY Times and was one of Newsweek’s “101 Best Places to eat”.

This is what Pete Wells of the NYT wrote, “Italian-American cuisine is not beloved by the arbiters of good taste, who celebrate risotto alla Milanese but ignore baked ziti, garlic bread, spaghetti and meatballs and lobster fra diavolo. In that case, I would like somebody to explain why my mind keeps drifting back to the meatball parmigiana hero at Parm. Like most things at Parm, which opened on Mulberry Street in November, it is prepared by cooks wearing white paper hats and is set before you in a red plastic basket. And, like most things at Parm, it is completely faithful to your memories while being much, much better than you remembered.

At first, the sandwich exhibits nothing out of the ordinary. The tomato sauce, simple and summery, just seems to have been made by a good cook. The mozzarella and torn leaves of basil are fresh, which isn’t unheard of. The seeded roll is completely normal. The meatballs are not normal. For starters, they are not balls, they are patties. Anyone who has ever taken a bite of a meatball hero and watched one of the meatballs launch into orbit will recognize at once the significance of this deviation. Patties stay put.

Most sub-shop meatballs are as hard as a 15-minute egg. The patties at Parm are not. Your teeth fall right through them.”


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