Peapod is cheaper than FreshDirect

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PeapodJanuary 8, 2014- If you have seen those new Peapod grocery trucks on your streets, instead of FreshDirect, there is a reason: They are cheaper. Peapod was ranked by the WSJ in a survey of 14 online grocery store delivery services, and Peapod was 8% cheaper (including delivery fees). BP.TV was going to do the same type of survey, so the WSJ saved us some effort.

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100% of survey responders want Gristedes replaced

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3 Responses to Peapod is cheaper than FreshDirect

  1. Caroline says:

    I guess I will try peapod.
    I don’t like gristedes manager and stock guys. They leer and whistle. It’s gross. My attractive 25 yr old neighbor refuses to set foot in that store bc of moments she has recived.
    It stinks because gristedes was convenient.

  2. BPCResident says:

    Been using Peapod since September after seeing their 60 day free delivery promotion and I am very happy with their service and the quality of the food delivered. Better than FreshDirect, in my opinion.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Also, the is a Boycott of FreshDirect to respect.

    Fresh Direct is still trying to extort something like $200 million to take over the South Bronx waterfront where the community was never consulted and has done a lawsuit.

    There is more info I saw at this website:

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