Peter Vallone is the latest to make a grab for the BPCA piggybank

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October 15th, 2013- In the latest attempt by city officials to steal your hard earned tax dollars that you pay to benefit your own Battery Park City community, Brooklyn City Councilman Peter Vallone wants BPCA-funded Park Enforcement Patrol to be relocated to other parks.

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2 Responses to Peter Vallone is the latest to make a grab for the BPCA piggybank

  1. Dean says:

    The WSJ reported this week on proposals for the interception of 20 percent of donations made to Central Park Conservancy to support other parks. This is similar to the diversion of $750,ooo of BPC revenues to “Bob’s Place” in Tribeca.

  2. Battery Park Dad says:

    Seriously? Are we now moving the class warfare discussion to Park Police? I am sick of OVERPAYING — yes overpaying — my taxes only to have what I pay distributed to areas with lower property values, special tax breaks, etc. Being vilified for supporting our own park — for which we pay a premium– is beyond ridiculous.

    Inequitable? You are damn right. I didn’t bust my ass the last 20 years in New York so I could give what I have earned away to areas that don’t pay taxes. This needs to end now. Who is defending BPC?

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