PEP harass dog owners in nearby Battery Park

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Dan OblathJuly 28, 2013- The NY Post is updating an ongoing  story, first exclusively reported by BP.TV, about BPC residents who said “enough is enough” and decided to team up and fight back against the PEP. The Park Enforcement Patrol, paid by the BPCA to patrol our own parks, had been straying into the nearby Battery Park Conservancy, run by Warrie Price and the city, not the BPCA, and ticketing dog owners who were allowing their pets to run around without a leash. The large spaces seem to allow such activity without significant harm to others.

The Environmental Control Board ruled in favor of BPC dog owner Dan Oblath and said that leash-less dogs were allowed. The city did not bother to show up for the hearing, and is now retroactively trying to defend the tickets issued by the PEP.

Since the entire Battery Park Conservancy is a stalled construction project, and the nice parks have been unusable by the public for a year, without explanation to the public, it seems that Warrie Price and her brood should be more concerned about properly running a park than harassing dog owners.

Exclusive: Local lawyer and dog activist prevails against frivolous PEP harassment

Why is The Battery Conservancy construction stalled?

Exclusive: ACLU investigating local Park Enforcement Patrol officers

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  1. Rebecca Jackson says:

    my son as been harassed by the pep officers…He was taken down on the ground….The desk ticket has a difference charge…then the report itself…who ever read this i need some help…. my son is not a problem…they made my son to someone he is not

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