Residents of Rector Place “terrorized” by pit bull

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Pit bullJuly 27, 2013- BatteryPark.TV has extensively reported on the dangers of certain breeds of dogs which have recently been banned from Gateway Plaza. In the New York Post is a story that hits home. The apartment building at 300 Rector Place is having a problem with a pit bull.

The article states, “Two vicious pit bulls are terrorizing a ritzy Battery Park City building filled with young families, and their owner is refusing to keep them muzzled in common areas, residents claim in a new lawsuit seeking the dogs’ ouster. The Battery Pointe Condo board on Rector Place off the Hudson River is suing resident Jason Klabal after a series of incidents with the aggressive canines, including in May, when one of his dogs bit a neighbor’s Yorkie mix. “The guy had the pit bull off the leash, and it just ripped the Yorkie apart,” board member Leslie Lipton told The Post. Klabal declined to comment.”

The Daily News wrote, “Two pit bulls are terrorizing a luxury lower Manhattan condominium because their owner lets them walk the hallways and sidewalks without leashes or muzzles, according to court papers. Now, in papers filed Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, the Battery Pointe Condominium is seeking to permanently boot the pooches. The papers say Jason Klabal’s dogs, Ness and Bella, are a hazard to other residents in the Rector Place building. Klabal, 35, has allegedly ignored management’s demands to leash and muzzle his dogs while they are in the building and a subsequent order to remove the pets permanently. Leslie Lipton, a condo board member, said Ness attacked another resident’s Yorkie and nearly “bit (the dog) in half.” She added that Klabal compounded his problems by using an “incompetent” dog walker. Klabal, who works in real estate, was walking his dog Thursday afternoon and declined to comment. But a friend of Klabal’s insisted that Ness and Bella are “loveable.””

Editor’s note: Why does the press lately always refer to BPC as “luxurious…ritzy…yuppies”? The reporters really need to visit more often, and they will learn more about our boring middle-class demographic. Do BPC citizens pay the BPCA way too much in taxes? You bet. Are they rich? Nope.

Second editor’s note: The lawsuit cites “incompetent dog walkers”. That is a problem in our area. Many of the dog walkers are not properly licensed and walk too many dogs at once, failing to properly clean up after them.

Pit bulls are dangerous

Gateway prevails over dog rider dispute. Pit bulls banned.

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11 Responses to Residents of Rector Place “terrorized” by pit bull

  1. Cathy says:

    Frightening story! Pit bulls and other dangerous dogs should be banned in all NYC apartments. The worst is being in an elevator with one l..holding breath the whole way down hoping the elevator doesn’t stop and get stuck ….which it has been known to do at gateway. I cannot understand parents who let toddlers pet dogs go right up to their face. A child in our neighborhood whole face mauled by a ” friendly dog” according to its clueless owner!

  2. Editor says:

    Yes, surgeons and ER doctors see these sad tragedies of children being mauled quite often. As a doctor myself, it angers me to see the delusional pit bull owners who think that their dog is special and different

  3. Resident says:

    You have every right to your opinion. Although labeling owners of certain breeds of pets seems to be a bit predjudice just as being stopped and pulled over for being a person of color.
    And yes, I do believe the board has other agendas..and should be looked into further but I’m sure it will become more clear if there should be a lawsuit.
    Thank you for your time!

  4. Resident says:

    Please, if two side of the story are truly being represented responsibly then you would truly report about all dog incidents that have happened in the last year with the many other breeds of dogs in 300 Rector.. It’s unfair that the local media decides to unfairly run reports on one particular breed or person in the building.
    As a “board member” Leslie Lipton should be more aware that personal vendettas against condo owners and community slander is certainly not a responsible choice and definitely should be looked into by other board members prior to any a resident myself, she’s taken her ” opinion” and ran with it.. Maybe other “seedy” actions that go on at 300 Rector should be further investigated by the board other then LeslieLipton!
    Thank You!!

  5. Editor says:

    Please elaborate. What other violent attacks have taken place by other breeds? You seem to be denying the science and facts that certain breeds are the bad actors.

  6. Resident says:

    There is certainly no denial about the breed and I am aware of the history of certain breeds. As a parent myself I certainly make the responsible decision prior to taking an elevator with any breed of dog that I may feel would not be safe with myself or child. Just like not allowing my child to cross the street without supervision.

    Having said that, Leslie Lipton has taken s personal vendetta against one breed and condo owner without further detailing or speaking “out” about the many dog attacks that have gone in in the building.

    As a resident and parent in the community if personal details that include my name, my residents, my employer and the safety of my child be taken out if context and leaked to the community and the local media by my own condo board they would not be worried about suing me! They would have a long expensive drawn out lawsuit on their own hands. Leslie Lipton can, I’m sure give you further reports on the many dog attacks that have gone on in the building if she is THAT concerned.. I certainly hope that responsible journalism will further give you a better detailed information other then one particular disgruntled, irresponsible person.

    Thank you

  7. Editor says:

    Thank you for the comments. I do wish you would elaborate on these alleged dog attacks by breeds not on the well known danger list, such as pit bulls.

  8. Resident says:

    Thank you for allowing me to voice my own opinion. I would really be interested to have the condo board can respond with any past history of attacks in the building. I feel it is their responsibility, not mine, to make us aware of all attacks.

    Recently, there was an attack in the resident lobby by two very small breeds which resulted in one being left without an eye.. Just this past year!!!

  9. Editor says:

    If your point is that the condo board has other agendas, then that is interesting. However, you are dead wrong if you deny that pit bulls and other breeds are not genetically bred killing machines which should not be near humans. Drug dealers and low-lives love these breeds.

  10. BPCResident says:

    This one particular breed is responsible for an inordinate amount of attacks. That’s why the media reports on these attacks. Unless Resident has some info on the dangerous Pomeranian menace at 300 Rector that the media is willfully ignoring? 😉

  11. MadamImAdam says:

    I also find it truly amazing (and a bit delusional) that every dog owner believes their dog is special… and that they of-course never leave dog-d** behind.

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