Petition against rehab facility at 2 Washington Street

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2 Washington StreetDear Editor of BatteryPark.TV:

We have been enjoying your coverage on the many topics that deeply concern us as residents in this area. Below is a topic that I thought might be of interest to you. As a resident of South BPC, we find this deeply disturbing and are hoping your coverage may help prevent this from happening!

Best, Qiong Sun

Title: Petitions against drug addict treatment facility at 2 Washington Street

Good Afternoon Residents,

Below please find a link for an online petition stating that Residents are in favor of an injunction pending a public hearing and determination with respect to the adverse and destabilizing social and economic impact on the surrounding neighborhood of opening an ex-prisoner and drug addict treatment facility at 2 Washington Street, in downtown Manhattan.

Please share the petition with anyone you feel would be concerned about this drug treatment facility at 2 Washington St.

There is also a physical copy of the petition at the Concierge desk for Residents to sign.

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