Pier 26 restaurant operator chosen

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Pier-26-restaurant-close-4-12-2014 cropJune 11, 2015- The WSJ reports that the stalled construction project at Pier 26 that is supposed to be a restaurant is moving forward. The operator has been chosen.

“The owner of City Winery in Hudson Square has been chosen to run the largest restaurant on a Hudson River pier that’s been redeveloped as a park and public space.

The Hudson River Park Trust, the group that operates Pier 26, has selected Michael Dorf to operate the restaurant that’s been constructed on the east side of the pier. Named City Vineyard, it will open in May of 2016, according to Madelyn Wils, the trust’s chief executive.

City Vineyard will focus on food and wine, and won’t have a performance space like City Winery does. There will be more than 1,600 square feet of indoor dining, with casual-dining areas on the terrace and the roof. It will seat 300 to 350 patrons and its menu will be broader than the one offered at City Winery, according to Ms. Wils. The glass building ensures diners will have views of the Hudson River and the city, as well as a nearby boathouse that serves as a kayak launch.”.

This is a very disappointing selection. City Winery is the worst venue to see music imaginable and the food is atrocious.

Review: City Winery is a horrible music venue

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