Poulakakos team justifies Pier-A beer garden as “Tribute to German immigrants”

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June 5, 2014- By Steven E. Greer.

At the June 3rd SLA public meeting to discuss the Pier-A liquor license, the much-denied beer garden planned for Pier-A was proven to be a real plan. We were particularly appalled at the Poulakaos team trying to clam that the beer garden is a tribute to German immigrants who landed at Pier A (see the 30-second point of the video).

First of all, Pier A is of very little historical importance. It is not that old and had nothing to do with Ellis Island.It as not “the landing ground” of immigrants. Secondly, to make this stretch, to pimp out the good name of German immigrants in order to justify their greedy plans to impose a large party beer garden in the middle of a residential community is just outrageous.

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3 Responses to Poulakakos team justifies Pier-A beer garden as “Tribute to German immigrants”

  1. BPCResident says:

    amazing. The fact that this shyster said this with with a straight face is remarkable. What’s appalling is that none of the bobbleheads listening to him didn’t even flinch.

  2. Lisa Ackerman says:

    I would like to address your comment that Pier A is not historically significant. A beer garden may or may not be a good idea and I agree that calling it a tribute to German immigration is a stretch, especially since the city offers many compelling opportunities to learn about the history and legacy of immigration to the US.

    Pier A is more than a century old and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. When it was threatened with demolition in the 1970s many civic affairs and preservation groups rallied for its protection and called for its redevelopment for contemporary use. It languished empty for decades.

    Only time will tell if the currently proposed uses are appropriate and economically viable. We shouldn’t conflate the historic value of the structure with unhappiness toward the current vision for use. Its local designation as a landmark and its placement on the National Register means that nearly 40 years ago it was recognized to have historic value.

  3. Editor says:

    To Lisa

    Thank you for writing. We all support Pier A, just not as a beer garden, as you explained.

    It is a fact that Pier A was never the site for the landing of immigrants. Also, it was never an important piece of history.

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