President Grant v. President Trump

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March 5, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

I previously wrote this essay about the amazing similarities between the Civil War era and what we are going through now. However, that history series I was watching did not cover the aftermath of the war and the Ulysses S. Grant presidency.

I am now rewatching this History Channel series about Grant, produced by Leo DiCaprio with big-budget cinematography and acting. It spans the war period and then covers his presidency (after four years of President Andrew Johnson). Those 12-years after 1865 have parallels to current day.

We now have a federal government actively encouraging attacks on our own country by importing illegal aliens who are violent criminals, orchestrating chaos by not prosecuting criminals and sabotaging elections, etc. That is similar to what happened under Andrew Johnson.

Johnson was a Democrat, which was the party of the Confederacy and pro-slavery. Lincoln added him to the ticket to help him win the election of 1864. Like so many members of the Trump administration, Johnson was a backstabbing traitor to Lincoln and his legacy.

Andrew Johnson was actively aiding what remained of the confederate army by allowing them to organize militias known as the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan put a stop to blacks voting and becoming members of Congress. For a brief time, many former slaves became elected to local and federal government. The KKK stopped that by raiding black town hall gatherings and lynching those freed slaves. The KKK is like President Obama’s ISIS and other acts of terrorism against Americans.

Ulysses Grant was still in charge of the army under Johnson. However, he had his hands tied and could not go after the KKK. Once Grant became president, he quickly put a stop to it all. That reminds me of how Trump so easily extinguished ISIS when Obama made it seem like it was impossible.

The South under President Grant reminds me of the Deep State today. It was a pervasive force undermining Grant’s efforts. Just as President Trump was backstabbed by his Deep State, Ulysses S Grant was thwarted by the Democrats on the north and south who did not want true reconstruction.

The big difference between General Grant and President Grant is that the rules are different in war versus politics. Under wartime, he could simply conquer his opponent and kill them or take them prisoner. He had unchecked power. As President Grant, he did not have the option to kill millions of southerners. Therefore, he had to live with the enemy. That enemy reorganized and sabotaged him. The enemy then is still the modern Democrat party of today. The DNC has been the one of treason for 180 years, literally.

Grant and Trump are very similar in my view. Both were highly popular and highly competent with certain aspects of their presidency. However, both men were naïve and unaware of how vulnerable they were to political backstabbing. They were Washington outsiders who lacked the skills to fight other politicians.

With Grant, when the midterm elections put the opposing Democrats in control of the House, that chamber began to harass him with scandals, just as the Pelosi House did to Trump. With Grant, his cabinet was stocked full of corrupt people and he was blind to it all. That is exactly what happened with Trump.

Both Grant and Trump became hated by the Deep State for being true reformers. Grant has been mostly ignored by the history books. Trump has been maligned by the Democrat press.

Few people today could even list President Grant as a former POTUS. I am from Ohio and Grant is not a well-known figure. Lincoln gets most of the credit for ending slavery, but Grant did all of the real work. Lincoln was actually a pretty lame president, in my view. He violated the constitution, abused his power, and was not even a strong advocate for abolition until it was politically safe. The emancipation proclamation under Lincoln did nothing. The tough work was the reconstruction period, which Grant attempted (reconstruction was abandoned after Grant left office because of the lingering racism of the DNC). The 13th through 15th Amendments were passed after Lincoln was gone and under Grant’s reign, either has head of the army or POTUS. With the Deep State of today in full control of the legacy media, it seems quite certain that President Trump too will be recorded poorly. Trump will go down as the worst human being to ever live unless he wins the election in 2024.

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